Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Explore the Beautiful Beaches in Cambodia

By Jimmy Bou

Despite the fact that a tourist's attention is directed towards Thailand whenever we talk about great beach resorts in Southeast Asia, Cambodia also has to offer some of the best and most beautiful beach resorts in the world. Although, Cambodia has deep cultural roots which attract archaeologists and tourists around the world to visit its spectacular temples and ancient structures, the country also has a coastline of 443 kilometers which is yet to be fully appreciated by tourists.

If you have a liking for serene and calm beach resorts where you can enjoy the sun, Cambodia has plenty to offer to you. Cambodia's Sihanoukville province also called 'Kampong Song' should be your main destination if you want to enjoy exotic beach resorts in Cambodia. While much development has been underway in these beach resorts in order to provide all the facilities required to tourists, international vacationers still haven't come to know of the beauty of this place, hence, you will not find Cambodian beach resorts over crowded.

Such is the beauty of beaches in the province of Sihanoukville that tourists journeying to Cambodia especially to see the historical Buddhist temples and buildings dating back to the Khmer Empire can't help but take out enough time to spend a day or two at the spectacular coastline resorts. If you are headed towards Sihanoukville, visiting Deum Chhrey Beach, the Occheuteal Beach, the Independence Beach and the Ream Beach should be your topmost priority. Sokha Beach Resort draws the attention of maximum number of tourists, while people looking to catch a glimpse of pure nature head towards the Koh Pors Island ,Kbal Chhay Waterfall and Phnom Leu.

If your desire to observe nature in Cambodia still persists, you can visit the quiet town of Kampot which offers you soothing natural settings. With the majestic Elephant Mountains overhanging the beach resorts in Kampot, you will get an ideal opportunity to spend some quality time close to nature. However your road trip to this small town may not be very smooth as the area still needs to be developed, but as they say, you can't have it all your way! Kampot also holds the feature of containing several French colonial structures, which is yet another reason why you should not skip your trip to this small and serene place.

You might think that you have read all that there is about Cambodian beach resorts, but that's not right as the western province of the country called Koh Kong touching the Thai border also offers you scintillating beach resorts such as La Dam Beach and Sner Beach. And to make your trip to Cambodia unforgettable you should visit Deum Dong Beach which is a breathtaking set of six beach resorts on the island of Koh Moul.

A vast majority of foreign tourists favor spending most of their time at beach resorts in Koh Kong as they can find world standard accommodation and other facilities easily. An excellent example is the Cham Yeam Resort which on top of providing you with mind blowing natural views gives you luxurious accommodation facilities. Cambodia has so many exotic beach resorts that you'll have a hard time compiling your vacations plan, but one thing is for sure, where ever you go it will be worth your money and time!

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