Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ithaa Undersea restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Ithaa Undersea restaurant sits 16 feet below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, a hotel resort in Hilton's luxury brand that occupies two islands.
Maldives is a country of almost 1,200 islands about 300 miles from the southernmost points of India and Sri Lanka.Diners eat beneath glass walls at the Ithaa Undersea restaurant. The cuisine is decribed as Maldivian-Western, and the restaurant seats about 12.
The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily from 11 a.m. to midnight, according to the resort's website.
The hotel recommends making reservations up to 14 days in advance at the restaurant, a great place for cocktails while watching reef and marine life above.


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  3. The Cozy and Diverse Contemporary House

    This is a cozy and diverse contemporary house has been designed by Kendle Design Collaborative, as construction in Cambodia construction materials stated.
    According to the architects, this design of this project answers to the challenges of the existing site: “A narrow lot with 60’ of vertical elevation combined with a restrictive Hillside Zoning Ordinance made designing a conventional home impossible.
    In response the home is divided by use: parents zone including master suite, primary family and entertainment functions, the teenager zone including bedrooms, game room, pool access and one of two garages and guest zone including a bed/bath suite and small great room that doubles as the owner’s home office”.

  4. The Beautiful Prince Philip Residence

    Here is a beautiful Prince Philip Residence has been created as an original house for the owners in Canada, as construction in Cambodia construction materials stated.
    Indeed, the two-floor expansion was designed by Thellend Fortin Architectes to offer a generous window on the horizon.
    One more thing, the interior of this house is opened adjoining living spaces bathed in natural light. Furthermore, the pale-hued textures and materials enhance the spacious aspect of the rooms.
    Moreover, the mineral setting marries perfectly with the impressive canopy of mature maple trees that offer shade to this oasis at the heart of the city.

  5. The Chinese Coin House

    Here is the house has been created with believe of the Chinese, as the sky and the earth are in perfect harmony and they represent the two powerful coordinates that dictate the supreme manifestation of the universal dialectic.
    Leading to construction in Cambodia construction materials stated, this Chinese Coin House in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is definitely one of those unusual and inciting homes, with a wonderful story behind them.
    As the architects said, “When building a house today, it’s no longer possible to ignore these factors.
    Some examples are determining a location site according to the earth’s electromagnetic lines irradiating low intensity gamma rays; distributing interior spaces in a house, considering location of the four cardinal points, or using the golden number or ratio phi to establish the proportions of longitude, depth and volume (this measurement is needed to recreate spaces, giving its inhabitants stability and harmony).”

  6. Naturally attractive

    Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia
    construction materials, to make a space seem understated and soft that sooth the eyes, natural material plays an important role.
    Such is a case for the introduced home’s library featuring natural timber as the predominant material. The space consists of extensive paneling and cabinetry made from solid, quarter-sawn bubinga and rotary-cut bubinga veneer, finished in a clear top coat. This fine-grained wood has a warm, reddish tone and a lustrous shine.
    It also has two full-height quarter-round curio cabinets with curved glass doors and bowed-front glass shelves set in a bubinga frame.
    The large, custom-made credenza takes center stage which houses a 50-inch plasma television, open bookcases, and closed cupboards. This piece is reinforced by a matching oval bubinga desk.

  7. Something different – A vibrant kitchen design by Mal Corboy

    "The owners had seen published examples of his work and were looking for something outside the box." said designer Mal Corboy of the featured kitchen’s design concept, according to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information.
    The custom-colored pink and white glass cabinets are teamed with Corian countertops. LED lighting set in the recesses between the cabinets and countertops enhances the horizontal lines and add sparkle by night. The lights can be programmed to change color.
    "This kitchen is very different to what is available locally, but it is exactly what the owner was looking for," he said.