Saturday, April 11, 2009

New York Life and Bazaars

By Mercie Hallow

There was a time when I overheard my sister in law claimed that New York was her favorite city in the world. She told me of her fun encounters in this city with jubilant eyes and enthusiastic expression. I second the motion. New York is a very charming city and is a place that is bursting with life and people. Every corner and every street in New York is a great place to be. New York is one place that spells out fun and fabulous.

New York is a city full of shops, retail outlets, malls, boutiques that cater to the tastes of people from different walks of life. The city is filled with restaurants, historical edifices, offices, theatres, apartments, churches, schools and also well, queer spaces. The list is endless. You can almost find anything during these events, be it a piece of jewelry, a yummy farms produce or a lovely hand made item. The city is also a perfect venue where crafts fairs and bazaars are usually held because of its wide population.

Creative New Yorkers are able to create a good business opportunity through crafting. They are people who successfully managed to turn their hobby to a money making opportunity. Crafts making is not a daunting task, as a matter of fact it is a piece of cake and a no-brainer for people who are naturally gifted with creativity and talent. Coupled with a good business sense and financial education, their little hobby can be a successful business.

A New York craft fair is always colorful, lively and fun. Numerous pieces for sale that is combined in different color and textures excite the buyers and give them a pleasing sight. The fair is sometimes coupled with a live band and dance performance which further enrich the experience. A New York craft fair is an event that is bursting with life.

New York bazaars fascinate me. I cannot wait to attend one and have lots of fun!

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