Friday, March 20, 2009

Basic International Travel Tips

By Jane Farasi

There is some basic important international travel tips that always come in handy whether you are going on business or vacation or just visiting.

Have an itinerary.

Put a careful itinerary together in advance, starting with your expected departure and arrival dates. Be aware of where and when you will be crossing time zones and how these affect your itinerary.

Inform the people to meet you on arrival accordingly. Carefully note your flight details such as connections, change of terminals, transit arrangements, baggage allowances.

If a US citizen, register your travel plans with the State Department for emergency purposes.

One of the important international travel tips is that you be conversant with the laws, visa and other travel requirements of any foreign country that you will find yourself in, and especially your destination as these apply to you.

Travel documents and travelers checks

Make sure your passport and visa are valid and ready in good time before your date of departure. Don't delay or miss your trip because your travel documents are not ready on time.

Update any other documents that may be required and useful at your destination like an international driver's license. Find out if you need any other forms of ID like your marriage certificate and remember to pack them.

Travellers cheques are still the safest and most convenient way to carry your money. Change it.

Health tips

Different destinations may require certain vaccinations. Take these on time and get the necessary certificates.

Besides these, get from your doctor adequate supplies and/or prescriptions if you are on medication. If you wear glasses carry an extra pair just in case of breakage.

Your trip will be easier with these important international travel tips. Don't find yourself denied entry on arrival because you forgot something.

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