Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Capt. Paul Braly and "Seine Net" - A Saturday morning to remember

By Captain Paul Braly

I love to go fishing with Paul Braly Sr., who earned the nickname "Seine Net", and also happens to be my Dad. My grandfather taught him how to become a great surf fisherman, and if you are caught fishing behind him, you'll understand how he got the nickname, because he hardly leaves any fish for those around him to catch, since he normally snags them all.

My dad grew up on the Gulf beach, fishing mainly with bait, and maybe a speck rig every once in awhile, but doesn't care much about bait these days, when it comes to stocking a cooler full of fish and then call it a day. I make certain to stay close behind him when we are wading together down the same shoreline, so that I might have a chance of landing a fish.

This foggy, Saturday morning, we carefully headed to our fishing hole. We started casting the shoreline, opting for a Pink Hologram Devil Eyes with TruLock 1/16 oz jigs as our rig of choice. It didn?t take but a few minutes of wading until we came upon some 18-20" trout and Dad, sitting next to me, hooked into a monster after the fish nudged the lure three times first. We grabbed a photo of the 7 pounder before we put him back, unharmed.

We went back on our way up the shore and hit a few more 2 pounders before an airboat ran up the shoreline and into a lake up in front of us. That gave us the sign to move on so we headed back to the boat and got underway again. We hit our next spot about 8:15 and with about half the fog lifted now we could let our guard down and quit looking over our shoulders every time that we heard an outboard motor headed our way.

This time, I got the first strike that felt, for a bit, that I had outdone "Seine Net's" earlier trout, but I ended up having a redfish on the end of the line. That was the beginning of a 20 cast run that ended up giving us 11 more redfish between us and we hadn't even moved 50 yards during the whole thing. Our arms sure hurt though after it was over horsing in that many redfish.

My brother was coming in from Irving for Christmas and always wants fish for the occasion, so we ended up keeping 6 redfish and 5 trout, even though we released the 7 pound trout, earlier. We don't keep many fish on our normal fishing trips but my brother was going to get his favorite this year.

The amazing thing is (and I'm not just saying this) we only used one lure each all morning. Try catching 5-6 redfish back to back per person on any other soft plastic and see how many you go thru. We got home around 9:30am just in time for some honey do's so I guess next time I'll keep Sr. on the water longer.

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