Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Honolulu: A Hawaiian Taste of Flair

By Mercie Hallow

The Hawaii Island is surrounded by water and considered to be an archipelago. Lots of tourist of different colors and races flock the island especially during the summer season where tourists can enjoy basking in the sun and marvel at its beautiful natural surroundings. Hawaii is definitely a place best celebrated for its tropical warm climate, if a gorgeous vacation and summer destination is what you want. Hawaii is a beach haven, a perfect romantic place for honeymooners and a dream wedding venue packed as one.

Honululu is Hawaiis capital city situated in the heart of Hawaii. Honolulu comes from the local Hawaii name which actually means "sheltered bay. This is a city widely acclaimed since it is where the elected American President Barack Obama was born. Honolulu being the busiest city of Hawaii houses its governmental and financial hub. Waikiki is the famous district of Honolulu as it houses Hawaii's thousands of hotels, malls, its splendid restaurants and other Tourist spots.

Waikiki beach is widely recognized to be the most famous if not the best beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. It boasts of a magnificent view of its famous tourist attraction, Hawaii's The Diamond Head. Waikiki Beach is now seen to be a surfer's haven although it is reported to have long lolling period of waves which make it an ideal place for newbie surfers. Waikiki beach also has beaches that have rocky sea bottoms.

The Honolulu Theatre for youth which comprises of talented young ones is showing an adaptation of the Musubi Man a local Hawaiian childrens tale which is an adaptation of the classic Gingerbread Man. The Musubi Man is the story of how a rice cake shaped boy having a heart made up of umeboshi, eyes of takuan, a nori jacket and red ginger mouth came off running so as not to be eaten by the taro owners wife.

The tale told of the rice cake boy's adventure as he escapes and as not to be eaten by the one who made him. In this adventure he met a radical surfer who was also in a secret desire to eat him. The story was then concluded with its usual Hawaiian flair.

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