Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beer-y Exciting Arizona!

By Mercie Hallow

A bottle of beer is oftentimes referred to a males drink. Beer is the third most popular drink next to water and tea. Beers have light to medium tangy flavor and considered as the most famous alcoholic drink. The basic ingredient of beer is water.

Beers are manufactured in a process called brewing. Brewing involves mixing together the two base ingredient of beer which is water and malt. The starch is broken down into sugar and transformed to beer during fermentation process where yeast is also present. A manufacturing plant for produced beer is called a brewery. Early breweries date back to the 16th century.

Beer festivals are events held all over the world that commemorate and celebrate the historical and cultural significance of beer. These festivals though are not free for all and have certain rules and regulations to follow for the safety of all. Adults 21 and above are encouraged to participate in the festival backed up with a valid ID. Firearms and pets are also discouraged to allow entry inside the festival premises. Beer festivals showcase beer vendors, live bands, food kiosks and entertainment and fun activities for the participants.

Attendees who are intoxicated prior to the event are not encouraged to enter the festival grounds. The Great Arizona Beer Festival is a fundraising festival for the benefit of the Sun Sounds of Arizona. Sun Sounds of Arizona is a public media arm of the state which is a radio that distributes information for sight challenged people. It features different present information that could bring about the welfare of these kinds of people.

The Great Arizona Beer Festival is also kind to the attendees drivers who do not drink because they need to drive their companion home safely. To boost their morale (while perhaps waiting while everyone else is drinking and having fun) a special drivers place is allocated for them. Equally exciting activities can be found in this area where a live band, food kiosks and interesting activities can also be done.

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