Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Famous Raycliff Manor in Missouri

By Mercie Hallow

Its time for a little, if not, huge scare. Catch a glimpse of the popular haunted attraction and be spooked at the creative use of effects that will surely give you goose bumps. The spooky experience starts as early as falling in line, as ghouls entertain the people about to come in.

The Manor has an equally interesting story to tell. It tells of a mad scientist living inside the Manor who devised a scheme that sucks up fear from his victims and keep it hidden inside the confines of the house. The visitor then is expected to feel these fears and actually see the ghosts that forever haunt the dreams and imaginations of these unluckily victims. In here, visitors can see effective visual effects and cinematics of ghosts. The production team behind this really paid a lot to ensure the richness of the experience of the goers and feel every cent worth of their pay.

The production team behind Raycliff Manor employed very talented actors that portray as ghosts and evil spirits. Very good visual effects coupled with the latest technology in make-up and costume effects make the whole experience frightening up to the very end. A big and burly man was reportedly seen kissing the ground after coming out of the haunted attraction. Talk about getting spooked!

In March, there will be a blood donation portion at the front gate of the Manor in cooperation with the Blood Center of the Ozarks. The chosen institution is the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks. A discount coupon is handed out to donors to enjoy privileges as a donor. Radio station will be broadcasting live on this event.

Come to the Raycliff Manor and see, experience and feel the fear as you see ghosts of your nightmares come to life! Be a part of this exciting and spine tingling experience that was only brought to you by the Raycliff Manor in Joplin, Missouri.

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