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American Motorcycle Jamboree

By LJ James
American Motorcycle Jamboree[I:0:J]

Every Memorial day weekend Me and a bunch of my Bro's hop on our Motorcycles and pack into Trucks filled with Tents,Sleeping bags,Bar-B-Qs,Beer and many other camping necessity as we head up to the beautiful 100 year old Sunshine Fairgrounds in the scenic Schoharie Valley in Cobleskill NY for the annual American Motorcycle Jamboree, Rally and camp out. [I:1:J]

For 25 years now Am-Jam has taken place on Memorial day weekend. In my a opinion it is a weekend that should be spent with Family and for me its the ever growing Am-Jam family. The Am-Jam Family is the name given to the group of volunteer's who every year do all the behind the scenes work that make Am-Jam the Three day biker Paradise it has become over the years.

As with any family there is that one special someone in charge and for the Am-Jam Family that person is Jeannie Aldos, Some might even call her the Mother of Am-Jam and she has filled the roll perfectly for the past 25 years.

In today's Motorcycle crazed culture where you can't turn on the TV or go into a store with out being bombarded with something that has to do with Motorcycles and it seems everyone is putting on a "Biker Event" signs with the words "No Club Colors" are seen more and more often.But not at Am-Jam !!! Jeannie set out 25 years ago to host the Best three day Biker Jamboree and Camp out in New York and to make sure it was open to everyone whether they are an Independent Rider in a Motorcycle Club or just a person who loves the lifestyle. Am-Jam is one of the few Biker rallies and Camp outs left in NY that is truly Biker friendly.

Now If you have never been to Am-Jam let me do my best to try to describe it to you.First you need to Imagine an old fashion Country Fair Grounds .Then picture over where the Carnival Rides would be (and every where else for that matter) Thousands of Tents, Campers, Motorcycles and Bikers. Over in the barn area where one would usually see farmers showing off prize Cows,Pigs and other farm animals,You will instead find it filled with proud Bikers showing off their antique Motorcycles.

The tents and booths on the Midway where one would usually see home made goods, arts and Crafts and some guy trying to get you to spend $5 to win a 10 cent Gold Fish or stuffed animal are instead filled with Custom Motorcycle dealers, Leather goods, Tattoo artists, Clubs selling support gear, Body Piercing,T-Shirts,Patches and Pins,Lady's Lingerie shops, and every other thing a Biker could need or want.

Over by the Grand Stand and main stage area during the day you find Tattoo contests,a Motorcycle Rodeo with games for those both on and off their Motorcycles and even thou I didn't see one this year I'm sure there was a wedding or two.

On the Main Stage at Night you have some of the best Rock and Southern Rock Bands in the Northeast playing and in between sets are the leather an lace Fashion Shows by USA Leather along with contests like the best Lady's Legs and every ones Favorite The Wet T-Shirt Contest.

On Saturday Night at 10pm every year there is a large fire Works display dedicated to all lost veterans and it can be seen for miles around the fairgrounds!

For Those who Forgot or didn't have room on their Bike for Food and Beer there is always plenty of great food vendors including my morning favorite the all you can eat Pancake Hut where you get Orange juice,sausage links and all the pancakes one can eat (Of Course after being up all night drinking you can only eat so many) for only $5.

Then of course there is the ever popular Beer Tent! The past few years it has been run by the Owner and Staff of the Bad Pig Saloon.

For those who came alone there is the ever popular Girl's Girl's Girl's Tent with some of the Hottest Girl's Dancing just for you.

Am-Jam seems to be getting Bigger and Better every year, with new and exciting vendors and events every year .The only bad thing I could say about Am-Jam is it just isn't long enough (I'm Sure members of the Family staff might disagree as it probably seems much longer to them)

After spending three days Camping and partying and having a great time with Bikers from all over, the only thought running threw my head as I watched the Thousands of bikers pack up their gear and head home was how great of a world would it be if Am-Jam was 365 days a year?

But until that happens I have my memories of previous Am-Jam to hold me over to the next ! What Surprises await us at Next Years Am-Jam? If you want to know then you will just have to go. I'll see you there! Your Bro LJ James Listen to LJs Radio Show at

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