Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buying a camping gear

By reklicom

However just like buying any used gear, choose the wrong one and you more often than not have to kiss your money good-bye. So it is fair to say that buying used camping gear has both its advantages and disadvantages.

I you have never been camping before then your first task is to get yourself some essential camping gear. Buying new gear can be a costly exercise and if you do not have very deep pockets, or if you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider used camping gear instead.

Ask around among family and friends if they have the camping gear you need. There is always the practical benefit of mutual borrowing. Go ahead and buy one or two quality items that you can exchange. Just make sure that you do not cause damage to others' invested equipment. Before buying anything else, consider the best backpack you could ever get to hold in the rest of your camping gear.

This is probable the one thing that you want to invest in. Buy a good quality bag with just the right size (style is not that necessary). You certainly don't want myriads of mini bags or tied-to-rope items hanging around when you traveling outdoors. And trust me, you will know what and how much to put in right after you have a good idea of where to put it.

If you planning on staying longer, then there is a need for lighting batteries, more food supplies, or cooking equipments. It all depends on what you are planning to do on your trip. Have a list of activities to do alongside with the materials needed. Do not forget necessary items. As much as possible avoid the luxury ones. Do not bring things that you won't be needing. The idea with outdoor travels is packing light for ease of travel.

If one of your kids is in the Scouts Club and is going on his/hers first camping trip, getting used camping gear can be really worth it or if you are going on your first camping trip and are not really sure of what to get, buying used equipment at a much lower price tag can sometimes be very wise. In the event that you really enjoy camping and see yourself doing it for years to come, then maybe it would be the time to get your self some really good new camping gear.

Get information and discounts on the best camping gear from catalogues. Every now and then, camping gear manufacturers and stockers send out mags or flyers with festive sales, discounts, or special infos. So make the most out of it.

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