Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CEM Sales and Service

By Bart Icles
Water toys are a huge success in parks. A city who installs a water park complete with pipe flowers that shoot up jets of water, gigantic sprinklers, hoses that spray water in every direction and assorted array of water spewing toys, is a city that will increase its public image. A park like this sounds fun but in what does it really mean? Why make all that effort to set up such a season thing. Here are a few ideas as to why it is such a benefit for a city.
First, there is a myth that water parks like these use large amounts of water. The truth is they use far less than the average city pool. Kids can get soaking wet in less water and cool off from the days heat without stretching the cities water supply. Toys like this are a great answer to providing water fun on a low water budget.
Second, there are many different dealers of toys like these, for example CEM Sales and Service or Maxeys Aquatics, will walk you through the entire process and fit your city exactly for what they will use. Depending on the size of city and range of the summer months will determine what set up will work best for you. It makes planning and implementing a system like this easier than other options.

Third. These kinds of facilities dramatically increase the image of a city. A city willing to give its citizens and visitors access to a free resource above and beyond that which is usually found in a city, is showing the people that they are in politics for the peoples comfort and benefit. That can be a powerful statement. A city who is working to improve the lives of its citizens in every way not just educational debates or road construction is making powerful statements. Water facilities or aquatics can be a big tool for a city team.
Any city can maintain and build a library, any city can allow the next best restaurant to set up shop but not every city is making such a noticeable statement to its public that says youve worked hard to earn the money for this city, lets invest in some fun too. Finding the right aquatic toy for your area is an important step along with the right unveiling technique to the city. Look into aquatics as a way to noticeably improve your city and its morale.

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