Friday, January 16, 2009

What to Expect on a Tanzanian Wilderness Travel

By maxima maina
Tanzania is the country where more land than anywhere else in Africa is allocated to wildlife. Amazing? That is why a wilderness travel adventure in Tanzania is no ordinary experience. It is Africa at its best.

What is there to see?

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak and many visitors come here just to climb it. Climbing up affords some of the most breath-taking views ever seen.

See the wildlife in game sanctuaries so vast that some are still virtually unspoiled. The whole range of Africa wildlife is there to see as they interact in their natural habitat.

The Serengeti National park is known world over for research on ecological conservation. It is where the big annual Serengeti-Maasai Mara wildebeest migration begins.

The Mahale Game Park is on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Here you will find the world's largest concentration of chimpanzees.

On the Tanzanian coast are Zanzibar Island and the other islands, rich in historic Arab- Swahili culture. The Stone City of Zanzibar is a must see.

Activities to do:

Camping Safari are special in Tanzania. Camp outdoors with campfires under open skies and listen to the sounds of the animals.

Walking safaris are a specialty of wilderness travel in Tanzania. You set off from base camp every morning and travel on foot into the wild with vehicle escort and the watchful eye of experienced guides, and get back in the evening the richer for your safari trek efforts.

Zanzibar Island and Pemba's idyllic beaches are famous as honeymoon spots and for great water sports. Here you can crown your wilderness travel safari in the interior by coming to the sun ,sand and sea.

Try the wilderness travel in Tanzania, you cannot be disappointed.

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