Monday, January 26, 2009

Learning About Fishing Reels

By Cary Dramer Laura Fisher Donald Thomas George Stomni

There are four types of popular saltwater fishing reels that are out there today. Some perform better than others, and others are used for certain types of saltwater fishing, like deep sea or inshore. The four types of fishing reels that I am going to discuss are the bait casting, spin casting, fly fishing and spinning reels.

Spin casting reels would be the ideal fishing reel for the beginner, or for a kid that is just learning how to fish. Overall they are the least expensive of the types of saltwater fishing reels, but many of the cheap ones tend to break easily.

Spin casting reels have a closed face, meaning that you cannot see the line on the spool. There are many cons about spin casting reels, one of them is if line gets tangled up you will have to pop the face off to untangle it. There are high quality spin casting fishing reels out there that will last you a long time, but they are also more expensive.

Spinning reels, in my opinion are the most widely used type of saltwater fishing reel. They are open faced reels, easy to learn how to use, and the variety of them is outstanding. The fishing line is guided onto and off the reel by the means of a bail. There are many types of spinning reels that can be used for big fish or small fish.

You can get spinning reels for very cheap and there are also ones that are out there for a couple hundred bucks or more. You can find a high quality one that will last you a long time for around 60 bucks. Spinning reels also come with drag systems that are in most cases way better than spin casting fishing reels.

The best type of fishing reel in my opinion is the bait casting fishing reel. This is because once you learn how to use them properly you will see that you have a lot more control. The biggest plus to me is the control that they offer when you are casting the fishing line.

Bait casting reels also work great with heavy fishing line, making them a favorite for deep sea fishing for big game saltwater fish. The only bad thing about them is if you do not know how to use them you will tangle the line a lot, and they are more costly then other types of fishing reels.

When it comes to fly fishing reels, you need to know that they are only for retrieving and holding fishing line, they have nothing to do with casting. You just pull the fishing line off of the reel and then you are casting with the fishing rod using the weight of the fly and the line.

When saltwater fishing with a fly fishing reel the drag is extremely important. Another important thing you must consider is the amount of fishing line that the reel will hold, they come in many sizes and cost wise fly fishing reels can be about ten bucks to a couple hundred.

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