Thursday, January 15, 2009

Queensboro Motorcycle Club Annual Motorcycle Rodeo

By LJ James
Queensboro Motorcycle Club has been around for over 98 years! That's right I said over 98 years, That's not only a long time for a Motorcycle Club,that's a long time for anything!

OK Lets stop and think about this for a minute, The first (gas-engined) Motorcycle was invented in 1885. (Of course some consider the first Motorcycle invented to be the two-cylinder, steam-engine motorcycle powered by coal invented in 1867 by American, Sylvester Howard Roper) Harley Davidson who started in 1903 only has 7 years on Queensboro MC!

This MC has been around since the infancy of the Motorcycle culture. Now I have only known Queensboro MC for about 8 of those 97 years but I can tell you over 97 years this group of Bikers have made many friends in and outside of the Motorcycle world! Their annual Motorcycle Rodeo Held each year at a local Park shows not only how many friends they have made but also how 98 years can teach you how to throw a great party.Just one look at the parking lot at the Rodeo shows you the wide diversity of their Friends,With Motorcycles from Harley to Honda, Ninja to Norton and so many others in between. Now you don't need a Motorcycle to be part of the FOQ (Friends of Queensboro)Crew and some of their many friends showed up in cars to enjoy the perfect Summer day!

The Event starts with sign up at Rolling Thunder in Hempstead and a Scenic ride over to the Rodeo. Once at the Rodeo there are of course plenty of great Motorcycle Events to enter,None of them more memorable then the Port-a-Potty pull ! If you need to ask what a Port-a-Potty pull is, Well all I can say is your just going to have to show up at next years Rodeo! The Event also has many great Vendors,Food and Beverages, a D.J., Children's events, a Bike Show and many games you don't need a Motorcycle to play, Such as the Hilarious game "Shoot the Biker Freak". The Final event of the day is always the Tug of War !

Queensboro MC's Motorcycle Rodeo has a permanent mark on my calendar of events to attend every year and a big gold star on it for 2010!!! Check out for info on their many other great Annual events!!!

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