Friday, December 19, 2008

By a Thread, Lost Hope?

Again, another pleasant morning, in Singapore.
I am getting a good full night’s sleep these days which has me firing on all pistons. Last week was tiring, I was trying to upgrade my expertise of my trade another notch. So I was going to bed every night at 2 am, for 10 straight nights. The same exercise will be undertaken every month.
I am still keeping my eyes and ears open for material for my blogs, and sometimes a experience at a glance can stick with me all day. I am not peeking and peering into anybody’s life but sometimes, unlike Crash, where they collide, this morning was something of a brush!
Right beside me on the MRT, a smartly dressed young man started to talk on his phone, he started speaking in Myanmar, since I was shoulder to shoulder with him I could hear him talk to his friend on the others side. His words were heavy, for someone his age (he was 23~26?) they seem to have lost a great deal of hope for the immediately future. Words of which describe a bright future slipping beyond reach as the reality of the recession bore down on his friends. Many of them on S-Passes on the verge of applying and surely getting PR’s, now packing up and leaving for home. He seemed to expect such a fate for himself too. The friend on the other side, a girl, judging on the responses, seemed to be doing her best to instill confidence and not lose hope for their sake. Their dreams were on the line.
Singapore does not visibly have the sign of the recession. But here and there, in the news, there are the grim reminders of actions taken to stay afloat.
I really do hope that everything turns out OK for the brother on the MRT.

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