Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chin Lone - The Mystic Ball

You are going love this and it makes you proud to be Myanmar.
Mr.Greg Hamilton has earned the deepest respect to with his movie about a sport that is essentially a part of the Myanmar spirit. The imagry is striking!
I asked my brother who is Mandalay, when I was doing some research for this post, and he said 'yeah, Greg Hamilton is known by every serious chinlone player in the country. And he is really good, I have seen him at the pagoda festival, and over a thousand team participated this year.
Read this review (I took it from the press kit)
“Chinlone is a beautiful, dance-like game of ball played in Myanmar (formerly called Burma) thatis all about supporting each other towards more beauty rather than competing….. This is the kindof thing that just takes your breath away and that you can’t even imagine if you hadn’t seen it withyour own eyes.”– Hannah Sung – The New Music Blog

Chinlone is all about supporting one another. This is from
Copy-right owned by Black Rice Productions

Make sure you tell all friends to visit the site and view the clips!
I am sure that nobody will ever regret watching this!

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