Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stepping On Toes

Man, What a morning, on the MRT today I accidentally stepped the toes of a charming plump lady, so sorry! It must of really hurt, I am two hundred pounds of fat enclosed muscle of body weight, concentrated onto a heel. So that must of drilled into her toes. But strangely she took it rather well. She did flinch but that was a sudden jerk! So that really surprised me, because that last time something like this happened my friend won’t talk to me for 2 days! It hurt that much!
Then I thought, maybe I let it happen, I have reached an age where accidents like this didn’t happen unless I allowed them to happen. We do become more aware of ourselves and all the activities that go along with it too. What the heck! I am really sorry! If you happen to read this blog!

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