Sunday, December 14, 2008

When You Run Out of Things To Do in Singapore, Go Fishing

I have always wondered that in such a small place such as Singapore, you would eventually. run out of places to go to. And new things to do (sort of!).
When you think of it, there aren't that many places to go to. A lot of big shopping malls are around and after a while they get kinda monotonous.

So what are suppose to do?
The answer for some is to go fishing! Not at sea, or in a river (there are no rivers) just go for a fishing trip in the nearest canal near you.
And the fellows in the picture are fishing in the Rohor canal. The waters must be polluted as heck, but still little fish swim there. And they are caught. And then they are simply thrown back in to the canal, to let the other fellow fishermen try to catch them. An activitity that will easily fill an entire adternoon and a great excuse to be away from the nagging chinese wife.
And this is all done 15 yards from the afternoon rush hour.
Well you gotta do something!

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