Monday, December 8, 2008

Iron Cross Show -DEC 7, 2008

I simply had to go. It was the first evening that I am going to really relax. The rain that fell about 90 minutes before the start didn’t dampen anyone’s sprits.
I got to meet Ko Chit San Maung outside the hall. He looked the same as ever. With his quick shy smile, his kindly obliged to a fast picture. Always have your camera ready. Never know when opportunities like these pop up.
After a bit of confusion, I found myself to the upper floor. And looking down I felt lucky that I didn’t get a 50$ ticket. Almost all of those in the 50$ portion would soon be standing on their chairs to get a better look.
And those annoying lights, six of them did not impress me at all. Couldn’t see anything! And the stage was pitifully small. No room for at all for singers to get into their rock-an-roll and heavy-metal mood acts. Except Ah Nge, and looks like he nearly banged his head on the speakers from where I was looking.

· Everybody knows the songs and sings along
· The entire hall jumping and it was so much fun!
· The opportunity to well at the top of your lungs and to jump in unison with the entire crowd must have been therapeutic for so many. It was for me, except to have my knees and ankles hurt later that night.
· The show did not hold any surprises; maybe it was better that way, the same presentational format, that they have come up with a few years ago and most of their shows sticking to the same plan, short breaks, by the IC members showing their talents be going solo.
· How come the show doesn’t start on time?
· When the lights when out and there was darkness, little sparkles of LCD screens like stars at night. Literally dozens and dozens of them. Look at all those phone cameras and digital cameras finally being used. I bet there is going to hundreds of uploads to the YouTube in these coming days.
· Looks like everybody’s camera was better than mine.
· The camera and video simply spoils the experience at bit when we are trying to video it, and might not watch it again that much.
· The spots lights were so annoying! Had no idea what was happening on the stage.
· The stage too small for the show. It looked crammed. Just like the rooms of so many of the audience, I bet!
· The organization was too poor, no signage showing where each ticket type holder had to go.
· Ah Nge talks too much! Come you think you are homesick?? 90% of the entire audience is homesick 20% of the time, even more I guess.
· On the way back, people on the MRT were so surprise to see so many people from a single country.
But all in all a delightful evening, surrounded by thousands of fellow jumping, yelling, singing, waving, sweating, thrilled countryman and women.
Great to be a Shwe Myanmar tonight!
In any case, I am going to the show next year.

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  1. what a pity girl! I said myself. Coz I didn't go to IC show. I miss a big thing.