Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lunch in Singapore, by popular request

Well, as of today, i have been in Singapore for 41 days (65 days at the job but I had to spend 14 days in Yangon doing some marketing).

Here is what I had for lunch today, it cost me three Singapore dollars, three type of dishes with a scoop of rice. Quite enough for a lunch.

The dishes are all set out in these steel trays and the shop keepers asks you " White rice!, Boss?" and you say "Yes" or nod, and then you simply point at the stuff that you would like. She then asks " any gravy", which means if you would like any of the particular sauces of any dish available. the you put the spoon and fork from the side place, and the question "How Much Aunty?", to which see studying the dishes that you have taken (Pork ribs, and egg, and some vegetables) and then says "3 Dollars".
I gave her two, 2 dollars notes for which a dollar change came back.

James, my Filipino friend had already found a place, at a table and we sat down and ate.
There are no tissues at places like these so eat without a single splash of oil on your lips or bring your own tissue. Or borrow a piece from your friend, what are friends for? to bum for tissues, eh! just kidding!
The price of lunches in places like these go from as low as 1.5 $ to 10$, with the average being around 3.5$. Everybody eventually discovers what they like and the Aunty's and Uncle's at the store's remember us too.

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