Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cyclone Nargis, Six Months Later, Please Do Not Forget!

And all the stories will yet be the same, they will contain elements of it-can't-happen-to-us innocence stripped away, profound heartbreaking loss, untold horror of the power that nature can release, the incredible situation of hearing that by one-by-one how your relatives has perished.
My mother’s sobs could be heard, deep in the night at the news of loss of her relatives, for her cousin had drowned at the foot a the tree in their yard, his dead hands pushing upwards so that his two grandchildren may live, which they did, the ultimate sacrifice, the final gift of life, those two children have been adopted by their aunts as their parents died two days later. We stand to provide all financial support the kids may need. (a small part of my salary goes to them). Heroism in the face of incredible hardship, the resolution of helping strangers reaching out with aid.
My wife who is from that area, lost 60% of all her relatives (the DayDaYae Area). For all those who lived through that night, please write a comment so that we will remember those lost forever, and more importantly, the need to help those who still have yet to resume the slightest resemblance of the former lives. Lives need to be rebuilt. And that continue to take place long after the buzz has died down. The event fading away in memory but not quite forgotten.
Please the people in that area still need help! Please do not forget them.

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